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Oral Hygiene

Cosmetic Process

For appointments and questions, please call Rose City Dentistry at (229) 228-4301.

We also offer several medications that help patients with dental anxiety.

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Consult & Mock Smile


Dr. Ridley takes time to discuss your overall cosmetic goals and evaluates your smile and teeth to determine your ideal treatment. Once you and her agree on a goal,  impressions and photos are taken so that Dr. Ridley can  personally design a smile fit to your specific face and mouth.  She artistically waxes up ideal teeth shape, form, and contour from your models. She is then able to bring you in and you will be able to try on your "mock smile" to determine how you will like the final results. This temporary smile allows Dr. Ridley and the patient to communicate changes and expectations. 

Prep Appointment

Dr. Ridley then minimally shapes and removed only necessary tooth structure to allow enough room for the correct color and contour of the final porcelain material. Then your teeth are temporized with the same mock up template from Dr. Ridley's wax up. After wearing the temporary smile for about a week, you return to provide feedback on the look and fit of their veneers. Using this feedback, Dr Ridley will make a new mold before sending everything to a Master Ceramist. 

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Seat & Final Appointment

Temporary smiles will be removed and  Dr. Ridley fits your permanent veneers.  You will return one or two days after this fitting to ensure things feel good and that your bite is correct.

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