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Oral Hygiene


For appointments and questions, please call Rose City Dentistry at (229) 228-4301.

We also offer several medications that help patients with dental anxiety.


About Orthodontics

Orthodontics corrects misaligned and crowded teeth. We offer a plan called Six Months Smiles, where Dr. Ridley works with talented orthodontists to customize a treatment plan specific to you.

Orthodontal Process

You would come in for your initial orthodontic appointment, and we will take impressions to send off to our team. About 6 weeks later, your case will arrive and we will start your treatment, whether that be putting clear “buttons” on the teeth to go along with clear aligners, or adding brackets to your teeth for the classic braces option. It is called “6 Month Smiles” because it typically takes about 6 months to align the teeth but could take additional time. The average time span is about 20 weeks, and in that time period it is crucial that you wear your trays for 22 hours a day and maintain great dental hygiene.

Braces Smile
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